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Combat Antisemitism – Notable Supporters

“TM Garret weaves compassion throughout his story and encourages people to step out from behind technology to have real conversations, to get to know people who are different than you, and to stop judging each other. Build real relationships and embrace those who want to make positive changes in their lives. Be compassionate to people who you don’t agree with or maybe don’t like because you could be the one peron to change their path in life. By sharing his story, TM is showing people you can make drastic and positive changes in your life and his work to aid others as they leave hate groups and gangs. It is a lesson to all of us in compassion and acceptance. Even for someone who’s career is to ensure equal opportunity for all members in my organization, I learned a tremendous amount about compassion, second chances, and acceptance while listening to TM tell his story and share his work. His message of compassion and ability to weave the narrative on difficult topics is very powerful.
Sharing and living by his message will help us love all our neighbors and make the world a better place for everyone. Remember, we are all human beings and worthy of love and respect.”

– Lindsay Fletcher, after hearing TM speak at The National Museum of American Jewish History, Washington DC.

TM Garret’s message of compassion needs to be spread like leaves in the wind. Everywhere, all over. People must hear it, internalize it, live by it. What a better world we would inhabit! 

~ Sarah Deitsch, Schottenstein Chabad House at OSU