“A conversation with TM Garret is a rare opportunity to hear a compelling story of one’s personal journey into and out of the racial hate movement.  TM has a unique ability to share his testimony with candor, grace, vulnerability, and truth that keep those with whom he’s interacting fully engaged.  His journey out of hate offers lessons for us all as we navigate the ongoing tensions and divisions among us.  His life story provides light in the midst of darkness and hope in the midst of despair.  I am so thankful for his wisdom, courage, and commitment and that he’s using his journey to make a difference for the better.  All who take the time to listen to what he has to say and witness the work he is doing will truly be blessed.”

– Dr. Todd Allen, VP for Diversity, Affairs Messiah University

“TM Garret was contacted by one of my high school students on a moments notice for an interview about his story. Not only did he not hesitate to talk to my student, but Mr. Garret spoke to my entire history class through Zoom. Mr. Garret’s story was as fascinating as it was educational! His story is one of how easy it is for people to find themselves in dark places filled with hate, but also a story of redemption and how to leave the darkness for the light. Mr. Garret showed my students that your past does not have to define who you are, as long as you are willing to change and make the world a better place for all. Garret’s message should be shared by as many people as possible right now! I was unsure at first how Mr. Garret would be able to share his message of such a difficult topic with high school students, but he did so in a way that was truly captivating and inspirational. The only regret my students have is that they couldn’t hear him in person and shake his hand! Thank you TM Garret for your time and message to my students! Every single social studies teacher in this country should try to get Mr. Garret to tell his story to their students! Thank you TM for educating and inspiring members of our young generations! “

– Jason Vansell, Educator, Versailles Highschool, MO

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to know TM Garret both as a friend and colleague given that we are both associated with Parents4Peace, an organization that empowers families, friends and communities to prevent radicalization, violence and extremism. TM is a masterful speaker who immediately connects with those he addresses. Each time I’ve heard TM speak, whether he is telling his story to hundreds or just a few, I’ve come away inspired and with a lot to think about. TM’s story of his descent into White supremacy and his rise within its ranks to become a powerful leader in the German KKK and neo-Nazi movements is chilling and a cautionary tale for our times. We learn from TM how children and young teens can be radicalized because of circumstances that were avoidable. Garret’s inside story gives us a view into what brings people to these movements and keeps them there. His dangerous escape from a life of hate is long and arduous .
TM’s story is one that all should hear, whether they are students, educators, those of us in targeted minority groups, those who are currently in hate groups and want a way out and everyone who is searching for antidotes to hatred, bullying or interpersonal conflict. Garret’s determination to use his experience to make a difference infuses his narrative with nuance and clarity. An extraordinary thinker and speaker, TM demonstrates the importance of dialogue and deep listening especially with those with whom we are most at odds. As the child of German Jewish Holocaust survivors, I am proud to have TM Garret as my close friend and colleague.”

– Tamara Meyer Author, Educator

“As our world becomes more and more polarized by the day, TM Garret’s “Erasing the Hate” seminar should be required participation for all young people. He drives home the almost imperceptible slide into extremism, and how it often has nothing to do with the views expressed, but a yearning to belong to something, to anything. Also, how this yearning often grows out of a dissatisfaction with oneself, and/or one’s life. My boys gained invaluable insight from the session and even said they found it interesting (a rarity coming from teens!) Thank you for bringing your story, and real-world tools to combat hatred, to our city.”

– Russell Joel Brown, Boys with a Future (Atlanta, GA)

“It was wonderful to host TM Garret at NOVA Community College on Thursday. I was getting worried that attendance would be low, and then 250 people showed up, including many people from the NOVA community! We have NEVER had 250+ people attend our events. It was great to see so many people stay to ask questions and learn more. Thank you so much for coming! TM, your message of compassion needs to be heard. I hope you continue this conversation with many more audiences. Thanks for doing this work!”

– Melissa Chabot, Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus